Zach Pawa  –  Co-Owner & Instructor

I started surfing right here on the beaches of Cape Cod. I took one surf lesson at the age of seven and was immediately hooked. I spent the next few years being pushed into waves by my dad and desperately trying to reach my arms around the board to paddle on my own. Once I got my driver’s license I chased waves all over New England. After graduating high school I got the travel bug and began the lifelong, highly addictive pursuit of surfing around the world. Teaching surf lessons is my passion. Everyday I have the opportunity to pass along the same love for the ocean I found sixteen years ago.

Ben Fowler  –  Co-Owner & Instructor

This surf school is the embodiment of everything I believe in. Everything we do, the team that teaches here, the way we communicate with our clients, from the first time you call to the final good byes after a lesson, is not something that can be described, but is something to be felt.

I’ve taught over 1,000 people to surf and I can’t begin to describe the joy its brought me. I’ve seen new family memories created, breakthrough moments in people’s lives when they defeat their fears, even physical and mental disability be overcome with the right combination of determination and support.

Surfing has never been just about the activity itself but about the friends I’ve gained, the lessons learned from the ocean and the peace it brings me to be mentally present when I’m in the water. This what surfing means to me, and our goal at Sacred Surf School is to find out what it means to you.

Our Instructors

Nick Solley
Tim Lockyer
Stephen Serrao
Sam Huestis
Keegan Byron-Camardella
Rachel Madden
Ryan Schiteschtrand
Olivia Nikopoulos
Giovanni Benevento