The unloading area in the Marconi Beach Parking lot. Please note that between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. there is a $20 fee to enter the national park.
Water, sunscreen, and towels are the only supplies you will be responsible for on the day of your lesson. Our surf school will provide boards and wetsuits for all of our students.
Our professional instructors are CPR and first-aid certified, and are longtime surfers.
We are flexible – we understand plans change just like the weather and waves.

If you cannot make a lesson, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Refunds will not be processed within 24 hours of a lesson.

We will contact you if the weather and/or waves are unsafe and move the lesson to a later date. If the conditions do not allow for a lesson to run within your time on the cape, we will process a refund or apply a future credit.

We schedule in the four-hour surfing window the Cape tides grant to us. As we will teach you in the lesson, the sand bars and tides are what give us our waves and thus they dictate our lesson schedule. Call us with the day you want to take a lesson and we will schedule you the perfect time for that day’s tide schedule.
Before learning to surf, you must be able to swim. Our instructors emphasize the importance of being able to stay afloat on and off your board so we can give you the ultimate in-water experience.
First and foremost, any type of swimming will be extremely useful in preparation for getting in the water. The ocean is powerful and swimming is vital for your enjoyment! We also recommend warming up your arms before the lesson, as they will be your most valuable tools in paddling out into the water and into the waves.
Well as stated in our surfing philosophy, we are experienced instructors to start. Along with being an experienced surfer comes the ability to basically swim like a fish. All of our instructors are CPR and first aid certified. Funnily enough, our founder had a fear of the ocean for his entire life until he began to surf. It is our job to teach you to understand and love the ocean instead of fearing and avoiding it. The ocean is a mighty and powerful force. However, in the same way a wave can toss you under and give you a little scare, it also has the ability to give you the ride of a lifetime. You just need to know how to correctly harness that power, and we as the instructors are here to teach you just that.
We understand your fears and share the distaste for losing limbs. Unfortunately, due to warming ocean temperatures over the last few years, sharks have started to call the Cape home as well. We have adapted to this recent influx in sharks, and like surfers all over the world, have learned to share our beloved ocean with the infamous predators.

However, the stigma of sharks on the Cape comes from Chatham. Each year Great White Sharks are sought out for YouTube views and newspaper headlines. Chatham is a shark’s paradise due to the seal colonies that populate the outer sand bars. There are not many seals in Wellfleet, in fact we happen to be on a first name basis with our local seal family and they (along with Shark Week) have explained to me that sharks are lazy predators in nature and will go for the easy meal. Swimming nearly 40 miles to come eat a group of maybe 10 seals versus a “home cooked” meal of thousands of seals…you must ask yourself…if I were a shark, what would I do?

If you’re looking to purchase a lesson for someone else as a surprise, the best way to do so is to give us a call to make arrangements. We can take down your information and complete the transaction once you decide on a date and time.