Our Story


Sacred Surf was born from a deep respect for the ocean, an appreciation for the perfect wave, and a desire to share our passion for surfing through proper surf instruction.

As one of the few surf schools in the Outer Cape, we have designed a program that aims to teach our students not only the techniques of how to get up on a board, but to also understand the components of surfing including ocean patterns, etiquette, and safety precautions.

Taught in an unintimidating environment, students will benefit from the techniques of experienced and passionate instructors who are committed to your safety and enjoyment.

Our Program


The thrill of surfing is based around a feeling: The same feeling you get whether you are standing on a board for your first time or just got the best barrel of your life.

We created this surf school to spread that feeling.

Our goal is to teach you to surf, not just to paddle and stand up once or twice. We want you to leave with a lasting and applicable knowledge of surfing while feeling the thrill of your own capabilities.Throughout our teaching experience, we recognized some areas where surf students weren’t quite getting what they had hoped for. For example, we noticed that people were getting cold and frustrated in the water either due to disposable and alienating teaching methods, sub par wetsuits or less than sturdy surf boards. We wanted to focus on these shortcomings in order to create the best program available.The Areas we serve include: Boston, Newton, Barnstable, Hyannis, Beverly, Cambridge, Dennis, Brewster, & Wellfleet MA

Our aim is that when you leave one of our lessons, you will contain the sacred and lasting knowledge of surfing. You will possess the understanding and application of ocean and wave patterns, safety precautions, and ocean etiquette so that you are able to go out and enjoy the waves on your own without an instructor. By the end of the lesson you will find yourself “self-coaching” with an inspiring sense of independence in the water.Come take a lesson and understand what it really feels like to surf Cape Cod.