Our Philosophy

Our Story

Sacred Surf was born from a deep respect for the ocean and the desire to share our passion for surfing through proper instruction.

Our founder, Ben saw an opportunity to take surf lessons to the next level. Sacred Surf provides customers with a well-rounded and meaningful experience. Of course, the underlying goal is always to improve upon your baseline skills. However, our programs provide so much more. We intend to leave you with a legitimate foundation to grow upon.

As the top surf school on Cape Cod, we have designed a program that aims to teach our customers not only the basic techniques of how to get up on a board, but also to understand the many components of surfing on Cape Cod, including ocean and sand patterns, proper etiquette, and safety precautions.

Zach, our owner, along with the entire Sacred Surf team, continues to carry on these values with vigor and passion. Everyday we get to partake in and teach the mindful play of surfing to others on the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod. We are going on year number 12 in operation and getting better with each season!

Our Program

The thrill of surfing is based around a feeling. The same feeling you get whether you popped up on your board for the first time, or just got the best barrel of your life. The joy, excitement, and pure fun of surfing never fades.

We created this surf school to spread that feeling. Our goal is to teach you to really surf, not just to paddle and stand up once or twice. Cape Cod in the summertime provides the perfect surf lesson environment, with small and friendly waves, favorable winds, and the low consequence sand-bottommed ocean floor. Taught in a safe and fun environment, students will benefit from the hands-on assistance of our experienced and passionate instructors who are committed to your progression and enjoyment. Be prepared to learn about the intricacies of the ocean, have fun, and partake in a genuine surfing experience!

At Sacred Surf School we offer a variety of surf lessons to fit your needs, multi-day kid’s camps, paddle board tours, special events, and equipment rentals. Our surf shop is located in Eastham, our surf lessons and kid's surf camps take place at either Marconi or Whitecrest Beach in Wellfleet, and our paddle board tours take place on the bayside in Eastham and Wellfleet. Come visit us for the highlight of your summer!