Inside The Life of an Instructor – Johnny Benevento


I have been spending every summer in Wellfleet, Cape Cod since I was young. With my time here I have not only been surfing every day I can, but taking photos of everything that I have come across here on Cape. The Cape is not only a the perfect place to learn how to surf, but with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world it’s a photographers dream. Teaching surf lessons is obviously my favorite job, but when the winter rolls around I am able to use my skills behind the camera both filming and taking pictures on the mountains of New Hampshire.


I first began taking photos when I was 13 years old, and soon after began filming snowboarding at Loon Mountain, NH. I have spent the past few seasons working with Loon Mountain and Waterville Valley assisting in filming and producing videos for them for use with their website and social media pages. This first started out as a hobby, but as I got older and better behind the camera I had people coming to me and asking for me to film and edit videos for them. This was a real turning point for me where I realized that I could make money from doing something I already loved, and teaching surf lessons was just another one of those situations where I happened to find work doing something I already had a passion for. I mean what beats passing on the stoke of surfing on the most beautiful beaches in the world? Nothing!


Photography is something I have mainly done for personal enjoyment but in the past year have started to put my work together on a website I created. I have only been shooting film photography for the past 3 years and have since then put together a good variety of portrait, scenery, and other photos showing my friends, family and personal interests. This is the work I have created so far, and continue to update this site with new photos each time I develop more of my work. Photography, like surfing, is a way I can express myself. Photography allows for me to take the joy of  surfing and put an emotion or face on it.


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