Choosing Your Surf Lesson Experience

You have chosen to take a surf lesson with Cape Cod’s top surf school but are unsure which lesson package is best for you. This blog breaks down the ins and outs of our different lessons to help better inform your decision. Here at Sacred Surf School we offer a variety of lessons packages to accommodate everyone’s surfing goals and individual skillsets. Choosing the proper lesson is important to make the most out of your Cape Cod surfing experience. We offer four types of surf lessons: The Ocean Classroom, The Private, The Graduate, and Customs. All of our lessons take place at either Whitecrest or Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, MA and all equipment is included!

Party wave during an Ocean Classroom!

The Ocean Classroom

This surf lesson is the go to for the beginner surfer looking to join a group environment. This program is great for students ages 10+ who feel comfortable in the water and know how to swim. This lesson is also great for anyone who has maybe taken a lesson or two previously, and wants to brush up on all of the fundamentals. We always maintain a one-to-four ratio of instructors to students.

The Ocean Classroom is unique because of the onshore program we have designed. We begin by running through all the different components making up the conditions for that day. This includes: sand bar movement, currents, winds, tides and waves conditions. We take time with our students to study the ocean and point out what is going on in the water that day – we have found that this really helps people make connections when they are out in the water. After all, the most important step towards surfing on your own is being aware of the conditions, which allows you to properly read the waves. Next, we run through some safety guidelines and etiquette out in the water. We discuss the nature of rip currents and proper techniques for avoiding them and also the rules of surfing that apply all over the world to keep everyone safe.

Next, our instructors will breakdown all the physical components and techniques to surfing. This includes: finding your “sweet spot” on the board, paddling, popping up, and riding the waves. We have designed the best techniques to make the seemingly difficult task of getting to your feet nice and easy. Once the instructor has demonstrated everything, the students practice on the sand until they feel ready to go. This helps establish muscle memory so when you do catch your waves you don’t even have to think about popping up! Before heading out into the water we run through a couple more basic safety tips and techniques, and then we hop into the refreshing Atlantic.

Once out in the water, the real fun begins. Instructors will be by your side throughout the entire lesson to push you into waves and get you as many reps as possible. We also make sure to continue to point out all the different components we talked about onshore to make it all click. You will quickly realize Cape Cod is the perfect place to learn to surf with shallow sand bards, small and friendly waves, and warm summertime water. We spend an hour and forty minutes in the water pushing you into waves, tweaking your techniques, and just having fun. After all, that is the point of surfing in the first place! So, if you are looking for the complete beginner package in a small group environment, look no further than the Ocean Classroom! This lesson will get you hooked and coming back for more.

Pointing it backside during a private lesson.

The Private

The Private surf lesson is designed for students who are seeking one-on-one instruction or a private group setting. The private can be one hour, an hour and a half, or two hours long. This lesson is for anyone ages 6+. Much like the Ocean Classroom it is important that students are ready to get in the water and can swim. This program is great for a range of students. If you have never surfed before but are not interested in the group environment, this program will ensure you have an instructor by your side the whole time. If you have surfed before and wish to improve on certain aspects of your surfing, whether reading waves, turning, or going down the line, our instructors take on a surf coach role and assists you with the more advanced components of surfing. We have a lot of students who schedule a series of private lessons throughout their vacation to get plenty of practice in. If you have a small or large group and wish to take your surf lesson in a private setting, we maintain a one-to-four ratio of instructors to students to ensure everyone is taken care of.

The Private surf lesson is catered to your every needs, we generally spend abut ten minutes on shore going through techniques based on the goals you have established for the lesson. This surf lesson can accommodate anyone and ensures that you have a Cape Cod surf experience to remember!

Going down the line on day two of a graduate lesson.

The Graduate

This surf lesson experience is an excellent combination package consisting of The Ocean Classroom on day one followed by The Private on day two. This package is for those who want to dive a little deeper – the group lesson gives you a great foundation and the private session is catered to the specific goals you wish to continue to practice. We find that things really start to click on day two, making The Graduate a very popular package. There is a 15% discount applied for this package, so it is a bargain as well!


Reading waves during a custom multi-day package!

The Custom

Custom surf lessons cover a wide range of packages. This includes: multiday lessons, large groups, and private events. We accommodate bachelor and bachelorette parties, private family parties, corporate events, graduation parties, birthday parties etc… Of course, large bookings such as these are discounted accordingly. The great part about custom lessons is that it is your program. Any way you wish to design your surf experience we are more than happy to work with you and ensure that it is the highlight of your summer!

So what are you waiting for? With friendly waves, shallow sand bars, and beautiful summer weather, Cape Cod is one of the best places to learn to surf in the world. We can’t wait to see you out there! You can see out lesson offerings an book online here: or feel free to give us a call!